A foot-powered controller to move in VR or PC games like you move in real life. Everyday, you use your feet to walk, run, ride a bike, or drive a car. With the 3dRudder foot controller, you can finally use your feet to naturally move in VR worlds. If you want to ski, fly a plane, or drive a tank, the 3dRudder will move your experience to the next level. 

Plug in the 3dRudder and set it up in a few clicks. Do you play your favorite VR or PC game with a keyboard, a mouse, a gamepad, a HOTAS, or a joystick ? Select the appropriate mode in the 3dRudder Dashboard and your PC will recognize your 3dRudder as a second peripheral of your choice. You’re free to use the 3dRudder alone or combine it with your usual controller.

Push, tilt, rotate to move the way you want. Sit down, step up, and control your games with easy and effortless movements: push with your toes or heels to move forward or backward, tilt to the left or right to move sideways, rotate to turn around, and apply an opposite pressure with your toes & heels to go up or down. A small or full movement will allow you adjust to your speed. All movements can be combined together.
You can also use the 3dRudder to control the altitude of a plane or a starcraft. Tilting the device upward will bring the nose of your vessel up.

Motion sensors do the rest. The 3dRudder features highly sensitive sensors that capture your every movement. Regularly updated firmware turns those into responsive real-time moves. The 3dRudder dashboard also lets you configure and adjust your gaming experience with precision. Crafted with molded plastic and metal, your 3dRudder will withstand your gaming sessions for years.

All it takes is a comfortable seat, a PC, and to play in VR, your favorite VR headset. The 3dRudder is fully compatible with Windows 8 & 10. All you’ll need to do to use it is plug the foot controller into your PC, install the 3dRudder Dashboard, automatically download and install the latest Dashboard and firmware updates, and get ready to enjoy a new way to play games. For VR, you'll need an Oculus Rift or a HTC Vive. The 3dRudder will also work with future Windows-based VR headsets.

Get your feet ready and fire your favorite game. Not only is the 3dRudder compatible with most VR games and existing PC games, but it enhances your sensations. Imagine flying your star fighter in Star Citizen or Eve: Valkyrie, chasing zombies in Arizona Sunshine, and skiing at breakneck speed in Steep with a simple impulse. Get yourself ready because it's time to sit down, step up, and experience.