Abilitee Adaptive Wear was created as a solution to the frustration expressed by many of Julie Sanchez, MD's patients and their families surrounding their various medical needs. Julie is As a pediatric surgeon, Julie constantly hears from parents how hard it is to comfortably dress their children, especially when their child has a disability, or when parents need to access diapers, feeding tubes, catheters, ostomies, or ports throughout the day.


In an effort to expand her care for these families beyond the hospital, Julie decided to create a line of adaptive clothing and accessories directly inspired by her patients. Julie went to her friend, Elena, a pre-medical student with an eye for design. Together, Julie & Elena founded Abilitee Adaptive Wear. 


Abilitee Adaptive Wear currently provides adaptive clothing for children with feeding tubes, catheters, ostomies, and ports; sensory input "chewelry" for kids who fidget and chew; adaptive blouses for women undergoing chemotherapy or recovering from surgery; large-size onesies for older kids with developmental needs; and much more. 


While Julie has the medical expertise, and Elena has the talent for problem-solving through design, we know that parents are the true experts when it comes to their children's at-home needs. For this reason, it is incredibly important to them to keep the conversation going when it comes to improving our designs and expanding our inventory. They are committed to providing you with the best possible products to suit your family's needs.