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PATTI + RICKY is an inclusive shopping experience that offers stylish and functional clothing and accessories for women, men, and kids with disAbilities.


Shopping does not typically include or embrace difference and individuals with disAbilities. PATTI + RICKY changes this with an inclusive shopping experience for all.


PATTI Connell was a mother, sister, aunt, daughter, friend, and entrepreneur. She was strong, independent, and very much ahead of her time. RICKY Warga-Arias was a son, cousin, friend, philanthropist, and teacher. He had a contagious smile, keen intellect and was a true lover of the arts. They were both the depiction of cool. Together, PATTI + RICKY formed the inclusive lens through which Alexandra Connell Herold (CEO and Founder of PATTI + RICKY) sees the world. Alexandra wanted to create an online department store where every product is curated with PATTI + RICKY approval in mind. Our mission is to continue to spread the love, understanding, and acceptance that PATTI + RICKY passed on throughout their lifetimes. 


We hope PATTI + RICKY continues to positively impact lives every day. Each year we donate 10% of our profits to non-profit organizations that support inclusion and provide access for individuals with disAbilities.


Thank you for shopping with PATTI + RICKY!


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Email: info@pattiandricky.com

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