Gracie Benedith is the founder of Braille Code. She's a mother to an intelligent and loving son who is legally blind. Gracie and her husband experienced first hand the struggles that her son went through trying to get dressed every day. It was the frustration of seeing her son's daily struggle that gave Gracie the idea to create patches to give him independence for not only her son but for people who are blind and visually impaired. Gracie started Braille Code, creating clothing patches that are in Braille! The dots are raised to be felt with directional cue words such as "back", "left" and "right" for correct dressing. The patches are designed to be placed on clothes without anyone else seeing them! Braille Code's passion and mission are to instill a good sense of dignity and pride to individuals with blind and visual impairments.


Currently, Braille Code has 3 different types of Braille patches:


1. "Left" and "Right" Braille Adhesive Patches that can be easily placed inside on the tongue of footwear by taking off the strip and placing it on to quickly figure out left from right.


2. Braille Code Number Patches are to be placed within button-down shirts next to each button and button-hole. The braille patch numbers have two sets of number 1-8 to match the button side to the button-hole side to match and button correctly. 


3. "Back" Braille Patch Socks these patches are available for purchase with Braille patches already placed on socks indicating "back" of the sock and ensuring the sock is not inside out. 


Braille Code is not just a clothing brand; it’s a solution for individuals with visual impairment that represents independence, self-confidence, and pride.