‘BRAILLE’iant! began while Julie Rimes, owner of 'Braille'iant was trying to come up with a gift for her niece Sophie. One thing led to another, and with Sophie’s Braille expertise, Sophie has helped Julie create cute, useful gifts and accessories for individuals that are blind or visually impaired. 


The inspiration behind Julie Rimes's 'Braille'iant originated because of a remarkable and beautiful young lady – my niece, Sophie. Our family is very grateful that God has chosen to bless us with such a precious angel. Sophie was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 28, 1996, with a rare genetic disorder called Fraser Syndrome. One aspect of Fraser Syndrome is a condition called Cryptophthalmos, which means “hidden eye.” Sophie’s Cryptophthalmos meant that she had skin covering both eyes.


During the first 18 months of her life, many surgeries were performed attempting to give Sophie a chance to see. Although the surgeries may have been unsuccessful, Sophie has not allowed her blindness to hold her back. Instead, she has accomplished much more than many average youngsters of her age. 


Sophie is now 21 years old and a high school graduate. She graduated with honors with a 4.655 GPA and received a full scholarship to her college. She is a brilliant young lady and she is thrilled to begin this new adventure. Sophie is a truly gifted writer and has several books already written- some of which Julie expects will be published very soon. Julie can not wait to see where her college studies will take Sophie but she has no doubt it will astound us all – just as her accolades thus far have.


Julie's goal is to promote Braille awareness as well as make her fun, sassy products available to individuals who are blind or visually impaired.