Nancy is a former special education teacher. After teaching in the field for 10 years, she has been an instructor in the school of education at Gannon University, in Erie, PA since 2012.  The idea for the crayons came from years of frustration where Nancy could not find an inclusive crayon for her students that had all the needed features built in. You know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention! 
Jason's background is in mechanical engineering and product development.  He is the driving force behind the launch of the company.  He says it has been really exciting bringing the crayons to market and is anxious to begin to develop our next line of products.
Little Jason, aka, "The Crayon Kid" is the official tester of their crayons.  He enjoys being the star of some of the videos you watch on our site as well as helping to sort the crayons for mom and dad. 
Effortless Art Crayons' vision is to create learning products for all ages and abilities that are intuitive, inclusive, and environmentally conscious in design.