It has been 29 years since Oksana and Tatiana became best friends. They met when they were applying to one of the most competitive Universities in Minsk, Belarus – the Polytechnical Institute. Needless to say, they fit like hand and glove. They spent all our college years together, met their future husbands at about the same time, and got married within a week apart of each other. Tatiana was Osanka's maid of honor, and Osanka was in Tatiana's wedding party. They were set to be together forever. However, in 1992, life circumstances split them apart when Tatiana, her husband, and 13-month-old daughter immigrated to the United States. Oksana and her husband Roman stayed in Minsk.


It was during the first winter of separation that Osanka created her first pair of gloves. She made her first pair simply for herself. She didn’t think anything of it until she was repeatedly stopped on the streets and asked where she bought them. When she told them she made them herself, they asked her to make them a pair.  She thought "When the universe is trying to tell you something, you should listen." That's when she decided to quit her technical job and started her own glove business. Her husband Roman also quit his architectural job and joined my friend as a partner. What a successful journey that was for them! Within 5 years, they established a prestigious manufacturing leather company, creating gloves under the European brand name " Elegance". It is important for Tatiana that the gloves not lose their handmade quality, care, and detail. Today, each pair is still created individually, from genuine Nappa lambskin leather, with unique design, care and quality, and in a variety of seasonal colors and patterns.

Osanka knew she was a fan of “Elegance” when she slipped on her very first pair – a gift from her childhood friend. "Now, I have my own collection, and my very first pair still looks and feels as if I bought it yesterday!"


After 25 years of running “Elegance” overseas, they have come together again, this time to bring " Elegance" to the United States and share the joy with everyone. To distinguish themselves in the American market, the brand name got its new name: GloveCouture by Elegance.


Glove Couture by ELEGANCE did not specifically design their leather gloves for individuals with disAbilities, however, their gloves provide hand protection without hindering free hand movement and flexibility for individuals using wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, walking sticks, etc. Their beautiful leather gloves are perfect for special occasions, date nights, and days you feel like making a fashion statement.