Gary was a relatively active person with a hearing deficiency and a newly acquired hearing device, an implanted sound processor. As an active older adult, it didn't take him long to realize that the processor could be easily detached or knocked off. Even something as simple as a hug from a relative, grandchild or friend could jar it loose and it would fall to the ground.  The elastic strap and alligator clip provided by the manufacturer attached to clothing and became easily entangled in hair or clothes … and was quite unattractive as well. Online searching for some other type of “retaining device” yielded no results and the audiologist had no other suggestions. The idea to somehow attach this costly processor directly to his person provided the inspiration to develop an alternative, The HearClip. Having the processor connected by a sterling silver chain and ear cuff directly to his person, provided a real sense of security and mobility, and as a bonus, a more fashionable tether for this expensive hardware. He wore the HearClip to his next ENT/audiology appointment and the doctor and audiologist LOVED it! His wife quickly realized the benefit of the security concept and in addition, saw the potential to provide a fashionable alternative to the extremely unattractive elastic strap. She spoke with the various processor manufacturers and solved the issues required to make the HearClip available for all BTE hearing aids, cochlear implant processors, and bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHAs).  The HearClip is now offered in a variety of styles and colors for ear cuffs and earrings. With the HearClip, you can now feel secure AND personalize the hardware to show YOUR style. The HearClip will "make your medical necessity a fashion accessory!!"