When Jan Erickson founded Janska in 2003 her dream was to make clothing that’s both comforting and beautiful.


People don’t normally associate fleece with style and year-round comfort, but Janska dares to challenge that view. Fleece is fashionable. Our clothing doesn’t just keep you warm during the winter months. It’s also light, breathable, and gorgeous during warm times of the year.


Janska began after a life-changing dream I had to create a soft, colorful, cozy jacket TO warm and comfort Jan's friend Jean.  After a series of strokes, the easiest thing for Jean to wear was a flimsy hospital gown.  The jacket Jan designed restored Jean’s personhood and warmed her body.  Jan began to create other items that were easy-care, beautiful, simple and life enhancing.  Janska's WellnessWear is so colorful and stylish that our company grew as boutiques and gift stores were also drawn to carry Janska. Jan will never forgotten the heart of Janska. Jan is so pleased to bring back the collection that comforts and restores dignity to individuals like her friend Jean.  


Janska works hard to ensure that all of our materials are designed and manufactured in the United States. Each fabric they use is hand-selected to ensure the highest quality. It’s durable, washable, and beautiful, year after year.


Jan hopes that their Janska products bring you and yours great comfort.