Judy Goddard, owner of Leaning on the Promises, heard so many times, "I'm glad I don't need a cane!"  "I need a cane but I won't use one."  I'd get my Aunt  one, but she'd probably hit me with it!" 


So, Judy suggests, "Think differently!  Instead think, 'what can you do to make my aunt's life better?'  She doesn't love canes.  What does she love?  Flowers? Her pets?  A special place?


Judy painted her first walking stick in 2009 for her godmother. The walking stick not only reflected her aunt's interests but totally knocked her socks off. She could not wait to go out and show if off!


Today, Judy hand paints exquisite walking sticks and hiking sticks for individuals across the country.  Her walking sticks are beautifully made, medical quality works of art. They are unique in all the world!  Each walking stick is individually hand painted, no two are ever the same. Yours will be distinctive and you'll have the only one exactly like it! Judy named her business "Leaning on the Promises" because she believes in the importance of leaning on The Lord for support in every aspect of her life.