Necessity was the mother of invention for Maura Horton when she came up with the idea for her parent company MagnaReady. Maura was inspired when the effects of Parkinson’s disease prevented her husband from buttoning his shirt. Determined to help him remain independent, Maura came up with the idea of a magnetically infused shirt he could easily dress in without needing finger dexterity. MagnaReady is the first fashionable, magnetic closure dress shirt for men and women with limited mobility. Using her background in children’s fashion and her experience as a mom, Maura has expanded and created MagnaMini, the first magnetized coat for kids. 

Maura Horton immediately knew that she would like to implement this technology into outerwear for kids. The new MagnaMini coats and vests are simple for children to wear whether they prefer putting them on one sleeve at a time or laying them on the floor and flipping them above their heads. The first magnetic coats and vests for children, MagnaMini eliminates the need for difficult to navigate buttons and zippers replacing them with simple to use magnets.

Not only does MagnaMini help build children’s confidence as they conquer a new skill, it makes getting ready to leave the house faster and simpler for parents. Instead of meltdowns over the inability to zip or button, parents will be able to watch their children proudly press their coat closed with ease. Recess time at school becomes simpler for teachers with MagnaMiniTM as well. Instead of the teacher zipping and snapping 30 coats closed before the class heads outside, MagnaMini enables kids to ready themselves for outdoor play.