MAKEMERRY was created by a doctor for her patients, to soothe the most sensitive skin. Radiation for breast cancer causes skin sensitivity and irritation, making it difficult to wear traditional lingerie.  And yet, women need the support of a bra or camisole to alleviate breast swelling and tenderness caused by radiation treatments.  For years, there was nothing on the market that was soft enough or designed specifically to meet the needs of women with skin sensitivities from surgery and radiation. Dr Katie Deming, a board certified radiation oncologist was frustrated by this lack of options and spent years helping her patients modify their own bras to make them more comfortable. Unfortunately, these solutions were often inadequate and definitely not sexy. Finally, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create the solution her patients so desperately needed.


MAKEMERRY is that solution: lingerie that looks amazing and feels luxuriously soft against the most sensitive skin.