Molly Kestenbaum was inspired to create her eyewear design out of find eyewear frames that fit more comfortably on Molly's ears since she wears hearing aids. Hearing Aids - devices that help her hear, speak, and communicate. Molly's hearing loss is no longer an invisible disability...but an ability strengthened by the voice of her eyewear collections. Molly founded MOLLY ROSE Eyewear in 2017, based in NYC. All frames they produce are inclusively designed with hearing impaired women in mind, yet they appeal to all women with bold, eccentric style. The purpose of the MOLLY ROSE Eyewear brand is to revolutionize the eyewear industry by allowing women to customize and style their own eyewear look. The purpose is to also give back to those in need of hearing technology and raise awareness about the value of listening with our eyes and ears.