Myself Belts

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Myself Belts offers a patented product that is the only one-handed belt on the market.  This mom-invented product is the easiest belt on the market to fasten and makes dressing a cinch!  Our belts promote independence and make the day easier. Helpful for both Children, Teens, and Adults!  


For Kids: This mom-invented product is the easiest belt on the market to fasten and makes dressing a cinch!  

  • Potty training toddlers, preschoolers, and teens and adults with special needs and/or hand dexterity challenges can all benefit from the Myself Belts one-handed, easy to use belt closure.

  • Myself Belts promote independence and boost self-esteem by allowing children to easily fasten and unfasten their belt on their own.

  • Myself Belts help make a child’s (and parent’s!) school day a little easier and provide children with an “I did it by myself!” moment and parents with peace of mind.  A frustrating problem is solved for both parent, child and teacher- No more droopy drawers!

  • Myself Belts offer fashion and function.  Great for preschoolers, school uniforms, and kids who just love to accessorize.  Even the littlest of hands can master Myself Belts!

  • With fun styles that kids love to wear, along with solid colors that fit school uniform requirements, Myself Belts assortment of styles appeal to all kids ages 2-12 and teens and adults of all ages.


For Teens and Adults: Myself Belts were designed to help those with hand dexterity challenges- they simply are The Easier Belt. Myself Belts one-handed, patented belt closure makes dressing easy.  Myself Belts promote independence and just make life easier.

  • Benefit individuals that have difficulty dressing

  • Fashionable, functional and easy to wear


Myself Belts are so helpful for:

  • Physical Challenges -Those having the use of only one hand will be able to accomplish a task that ordinarily would be very difficult.  Promotes independence and makes dressing so much easier.

  • Cognitive Issues- Aids individuals with Down’s Syndrome, Autism and various other individuals who need a simple and easy means of dressing.  Frustration is removed from this act of dressing and independence is gained!

  • Rehabilitation Patients -Occupational therapists see the benefits of Myself Belts with Stroke victims, and others regaining control of hand function.  Caregivers see the benefits of Myself Belts.