After having a personal experience of a collarbone injury, the principal, Kate Kirilcuk, came up with an idea that would combine her many years as a fashion designer with the experience of being a patient frustrated with the banal industry of medical wear.  Thus the concept of Not Blue Designs was born: fashionable medical accessories for those on the mend who still want to look and feel great.

Not Blue Designs Designer Arm Slings are fashionable and elegant arm slings for women and men.  We are the only ones offering arm slings of this beauty and quality.  We use exquisite designer fabrics and make these high-quality slings locally in the New York City area.  

The slings are universal, sturdy and comfortable, and adjustable without the use of velcro (which can irritate skin and ruin sweaters).  Think of our sling as an accessory which completes (not depletes) your outfit.

Not Blue Designs Designer Arm Slings give people the chance to opt out of the horrid looking and ill fitting hospital-issue blue arm sling so they can get on with their lives and even have some fun while recuperating.  Not Blue Designs wants to help people feel better about themselves while they’re on the mend - thus encouraging them to return to their routines with confidence.


When you’re feeling down, a little support can help.  With Not Blue Design's beautiful slings, you’ll look great and feel better.