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“Authenticity is Magnetic”

Hi friends! Welcome to the first blog for Patti and Ricky. Today we are going to introduce you to an amazing lady designer and her forward-thinking company known as MagnaReady®.

This is a headshot of Maura Horton. She is looking directly at the camera and smiling. She has light-brown hair to her shoulders and she is wearing a purple blouse and statement necklace that has many different colors including turquoise blue, green, orange, pink, and purple. She is in front of a tree.
Maura Horton, CEO & Founder of MagnaReady®

First, I’ve decided to pose a question to you, our readers. Is it just me, or have you noticed a trend in “adaptive fashion” lately? It seems like more and more stylish apparel is being designed for a variety of audiences such as individuals born with disAbilities, those who have spinal cord injuries, patients undergoing various medical treatments, older adults and last but certainly not least, individuals with dexterity or sensory issues. It is amazing to think about how far we have come in just a matter of years. I know this is going to be hard to believe but adaptive fashion hasn't always been all the rage. Honestly speaking, it's only been within the last decade that “adaptive fashion” has been given a true definition and has now made its way into the mainstream.

Just last year, fashion history was made, the first mainstream adaptive collection of clothing was brought to market. Since then I’ve read stories in print and social media about retail stores like Target and Aries offering adaptive clothing. There’s everything from shirts that are designed for comfort in a wheelchair, pants that skip the snaps and use Velcro instead and shoes that slide on and stay on securely can all make daily life easier for seniors. The need for this type of clothing continues to grow along with the U.S. senior population and more designers and retailers are focusing on “adaptive clothing” for people with cognitive challenges, mobility issues, and sensory sensitivities.

Patti and Ricky takes pride in the fact that we are the Adaptive Fashion Marketplace for women, men, and kids with disabilities. We understand that the “normal” shopping experience does not typically include or embrace the differences and or needs of individuals with disAbilities. Patti and Ricky changes this by proudly providing a fully inclusive shopping experience for all, offering products that help an individual's personality and abilities shine!

Earlier this month I was given the opportunity to interview and chat with just one of the many great designers that we here at Patti and Ricky get to call our partners. Maura Horton is the Founder and CEO of the forward-thinking company MagnaReady®. The company specializes in magnetic fastening clothing, including adults and children’s apparel.

Meeting Maura was a pleasure and treat for me. I found myself inspired, as she spoke about her amazingly innovative company, which was born simply out of LOVE! Now, as a result of her strong desire to make the mundane task of getting dressed just a bit easier for her husband, the phrase “stress-free dressing” is not just a topic of conversation that can simply be brushed under the rug, it is a bold statement of inclusivity and individuality for those who are living with dexterity and coordination issues.

“Three years ago, before founding Patti and Ricky, I first came across Maura’s magnetic button-down shirts while perusing Pinterest. I instantly thought to myself, “wow, this magnetic technology is so brilliant and could help so many individuals dress independently!” I had to learn more, so I picked up my phone and called MagnaReady®. I felt so lucky and honored to speak directly with Maura. I knew instantly that she was incredibly genuine, innovative, and a true ally for individuals with disAbilities. I of course also wanted to be her best friend! Soon after that call, MagnaReady® became one of Patti and Ricky’s first designers to join our Adaptive Fashion Marketplace. We feel so grateful to offer our customers Maura's entire men’s collection including her magnetic button-down shirts, polos, and pants. We also carry her kid's collection called MagnaMini, which includes magnetic button-down shirts. At Patti and Ricky we believe, why button when you can magnet?" - Alexandra Herold, Founder & CEO of Patti and Ricky


Want to learn more about MagnaReady®? Check out the awesome interview I got the chance to have with this lady down below. Her authenticity is magnetic. You won’t be disappointed!

On your website, you mention that your husband inspired the MagnaReady® concept. Please give our readers a bit more background on MagnaReady® and how it came to be the forward-thinking company it is today?

Sure so, unfortunately, my husband was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s disease at 48. He by career trade was a college football coach, he was traveling one time after a game, it was an away game and he had to catch a team plane. The coaches are required to wear dress shirts and slacks, he was unable to get dressed, he had used all of his medicine during the game with Parkinson’s you need meds, so long story short a player by the name of Russell Wilson (who now plays for the Seattle Seahawks) Russell saw his struggle and went to help him in silence.

When my husband came home he shared the story with me and said he had a hard day, I knew that he would be traveling again and I needed to find a solution. At the time there weren’t any solutions on the market so I created the first button-down shirt with patented magnetic closure technology. For people with limited mobility.

Your company MagnaReady® uses the phrase “Stress-free dressing” in your own words tell our readers what that means? How can this type of garment help to make individuals dressing routine easier?

For me when I first started doing research, I realized that our target consumers would be “baby boomers” They don’t necessarily google adaptive clothing or those types of things. I kept thinking of a way to differentiate it so that everyone could understand. So I came up with “stress-free dressing.” Dressing should be stress-free on anyone, whether you are disabled or you have dexterity issues, even if you just want a quick change.

MagnaReady® does not stereotype dressing. After all, everyone wants to enjoy a more stress-free life. That’s why Amazon has a one-touch checkout and Whole Foods will deliver to your house in an hour; dressing should be simple. That simple idea that prompted the phrase "stress-free dressing.”

Everyone wants to be “Instagrammable” these days. What steps does MagnaReady® take to ensure that your products stay on-trend and fashionable for years to come?

That’s a great question; it’s a little harder in my category. As much as society today does enjoy Instagram and being on-trend a large part of my population doesn’t. They are an older generation (baby-boomers) and typically aren’t active on any type of social platform. I try just to stay classic, designing products that will stand the test of time. Honestly, MagnaReady® loves to share our customer’s stories and ensure that they are happy. Our technology is so visual GIFs can be made to help showcase that. Social media is a tool we use when doing that. In business no matter where you are within the space you have to understand who your core base customer is. That is what matters.

As you well know,“ It takes a village” to build something great. MagnaReady® is a great company. How do you think your partnership with Patti and Ricky has influenced your business?

I enjoy Alex and what she’s doing with It is paramount in helping pull brands together so that people can find them all in one location. Her advocacy for all types of people and their needs is amazing! I love being able to see her grow and have something substantial so that a larger impact can be made.

Patti and Ricky love all of the designers we have the pleasure of working with. Keeping that in mind, we are always looking for new and innovative partnerships. If given the chance what would you tell a designer looking to become a part of the Patti and Ricky family about our company?

Alex is easy to work with and she cares about the people she’s working with and for; which you don’t always find. I personally feel that those are two parts that help make a business successful. She's great about that.


Patti and Ricky wants to thank Maura Horton and MagnaReady for showing everyone this month that Adaptive Fashion is MAGNETIC!

We want to hear from you! Tell us in the comment section what is your favorite fashion piece is? How does it make you feel when you wear it?

Remember to subscribe to our newsletter and connect with us on social media, keep reading the blogs, be sure to visit to see all the new functional stylish products we have available!

Until next month,


Shannon & the Patti and Ricky Team

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Shannon Larue
Shannon Larue
Mar 01, 2020

Thank you so much Steve, so glad you enjoyed the read! Be sure to keep following because there is more great content to come. We are so very happy to hear how much your family member enjoyed the MagnaReady button-down shirts. They are truly a great product!


Mar 01, 2020

SOooo interesting to read behind the scenes of this inventor. I gave one of these shirts to a relative who really needed the extra help - and it works like a charm (Father's Day is coming!) Great company and products; please keep it up.

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