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Dress Weights: Making Fashion More Functional by Sonia Seehra

When I’m not at home posing for pictures in usually inconvenient outfits, I always look for ways to make my wardrobe more functional and practical. Quite often I try out an outfit that I have planned in my mind, only to find out that it isn’t necessarily the most convenient. I’ve had to work around long sleeves, blazers, and skirts that drag on my wheels, or sometimes get stuck in them. Most annoying though is when things go out of control because of the wind, since it’s something I can’t plan for until it happens in the moment! If my hair flies in my face, I know there’s an easy fix for that- just do a ponytail. But when it comes to clothes, the solutions I’ve come up with have always been more intensive, often needing someone who can do alterations. That is, until I realized that Jillies Dress Weights can help make my wardrobe more functional, without needing a sewing expert and most importantly, without compromising the aesthetic of the outfits I have in mind.

Sonia is a beautiful Indian women with long straight brown hair. Sonia is holding one of our dress weights which is a black circle weight with a sticker-like, adhesive backing. She is peeling the sticker off. She is wearing heather gray blazer, black sweater, and beautiful geometric pattern silk scarf with turquoise, gray, and taupe colors. She is also wearing a black face mask. She has her black wallet on her lap and the case for her dress weights on top. She is seated outside in her manual wheelchair.

Though I know these work great with most fabrics, I recently decided to put them to the test with a delicate silk scarf- wondering if the light, flowiness of the scarf would remain while not becoming a nuisance by flying into my face as I push my wheelchair. And it did exactly that! Though the weight was enough to keep my scarf down, it wasn’t pulling the scarf down. Also, there was no circular outline of the weight visible, allowing the scarf to look as if it were naturally, effortlessly draped around my neck.

This is a zoomed-in image of Sonia’s hands, she is attaching the black round, dress weight to the back of her sweater to keep it in place. She is in the same outfit.

Just as important as its functionality was the fact that there was no residue from the adhesive on the scarf. This not only meant the dress weights are great to use with delicate fabrics, but that the adhesive on the dress weights themselves is still strong enough to be reused a few times. My favorite part though is that I can just keep the slim, light weight case of Jillies Dress Weights in my bag for those unexpected windy days and I need no special equipment to apply them, it’s as simple as putting on a sticker!

This is a similar picture of Sonia to the first, except her has attached her dress weight and pressing it to attach to sweater. She is looking off into the distance. She looks stunning.

Having used the Jillies a couple times, I’ve thought of numerous ways I plan to incorporate them with my outfits- keeping large collars from flying into my face, keeping my skirts weighted down, and even with my Indian outfits which are made with delicate fabrics. Now all I need are more occasions to be able to wear these outfits!

Love, Sonia

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