Holiday Gift Event! Join us Nov 9th and Nov 10th for Let's Go Shopping Virtual Events

Greetings, Fashionistas!

My name is Laura, and I am the designer behind the Elegant Insights Braille Jewelry brand on Patti + Ricky.  I'm also the Founder of Let's Go Shopping Virtual Events.

What is Let's Go Shopping?  Let's Go Shopping is an online, accessible, virtual mall crawl where shoppers can listen to product presentations and make purchases from the comfort of their couch and smartphone.  Or, from their laptop or landline telephone.  Access is managed through the Zoom platform, and the event runs on a published schedule.

The idea for Let's Go Shopping came to me during the pandemic in early spring when we were all asked to stay home to stay safe, and to help "flatten the curve." I grew concerned for small business owners, specifically, disabled business owners, who I feared would be left out of the so-called rescue package being negotiated in the US Congress. Further, I was unsure at the time if people with disabilities would be eligible for the $1200 stimulus checks, especially if they were already on some sort of government assistance.  When the lockdowns began, I also found myself sympathizing with people who were isolated, unable to access assistive technology,  home care services, or a personal assistant to help them shop, or who found online shopping to be cognitively burdensome.  I sought to find a way to connect small businesses with the customers who needed them.  The Let's Go Shopping platform seemed to be the ideal solution.

Coming up this week is the fourth of these Let's Go Shopping events.  With an emphasis on holiday gifts, there are 18 vendors to explore, offering everything from artisan-crafted jewelry to stylish accessories, food, gadgets and gizmos, pet products, personalized gifts, beauty and skincare, home fragrance and decor, craft kits, bags, leather goods, technology, and of course,