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"Mobility Aids = Fashion Accessories"

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog, We hope you all are well. The staff here at Patti and Ricky know that times have been a bit trying for all of us lately, no matter who you are or where you live. The current happenings of the world have affected us all in some way. So before you start reading the blog we just wanted to remind you to be an encouragement to someone today. Oftentimes, people will back down from doing something they want because of that atmosphere of discouragement. So be an exception and encourage people to believe in themselves and their dreams! Change the narrative and spread positivity today and every day!

Talk about spreading positivity, in this month’s blog, we decided to put the spotlight on one of the most positive people I have ever met! She is another one of our amazing Adaptive Fashion designers here at Patti + Ricky. Her name is April Davenport and her company Crutch’n It is superbly unique and sure to make you smile. You will see that this amazing company was founded around the idea that mobility aids should not be something that people are ashamed of. With the help of Crutch’n It accessories, you can turn your boring mobility devices into something that brings you joy and shows the world that you are fierce.

If you are an individual who lives with a disability you are very aware that mobility is a huge key to maintaining independence. For many people, mobility devices are an everyday necessity. April knows this fact all too well because since the age of 12 she has lived with a chronic pain condition that developed soon after an injury. April also knows that Adaptive Fashion is not a new concept, she fully understands that even with much advancement in the industry everything is still very medical in both look and style, not necessarily what people want to wear or use. The customers look at a piece of adaptive clothing or a mobility aide and they understand it has functional benefits, but they don’t want to jeopardize how they look. It isn’t fun, it doesn’t have the same look and quality that typical clothing has. The same can be said for mobility aids. The ones you see in big box stores or hometown medical supply stores are BORING!

Like many of the innovative designers we work with here at Patti + Ricky, April decided to take matters into her own hands to help find a solution to this problem. Soon after her company Crutch’n, It was born.

She realized that individuals who used mobility aids often struggle with self-confidence issues and were self-conscious about their mobility devices. She decided to be a change-maker and step into the adaptive fashion industry, her dream was to give individuals who use mobility devices like herself a chance to smile and show off their unique device and she most certainly achieved it. Crutch’n It sells amazingly stylish forearm crutch skins and cane skins, that are all so fabulous you could even match your outfit. How cool is that! We at Patti and Ricky think that is incredibly cool, so much so that you in fact can find forearm crutch skins and more from Crutch’n It right here on

"When I first learned about Crutch'n It and April's mission to make mobility devices into fashion accessories, I couldn't help but wish that Crutchn' It existed twelve years ago when I was a caregiver to my mom, Patti. When I was caring for my mom, she wanted a leopard print cane, unfortunately at the time I could not find her one. I ended up going to a local medical supply store and specially ordered her a beautiful pink cane with roses. I personally saw that my mom's new beautiful cane made her feel good and became a conversation piece. People would stop her with compliments which led to meaningful discussions. I saw the power of fashion. Specifically, I saw the power of mobility devices when they are viewed as one's vehicle to get where they want to go and as a fashion accessory. Patti would have absolutely loved the idea of changing cane skins and matching her cane to her outfit! This was one of the many reasons it was important to me to partner with April and carry Crutch'n It products at Patti + Ricky! There is no reason why crutches and canes shouldn't also be fashion accessories! I believe in the power of Crutch'n It, and we feel so lucky to offer their stylish and empowering cane skins and forearm crutch skins to our Patti + Ricky customers! We love working with April and hope to carry her new youth Crutch'n It collection in the near future. If you purchase April's cane or forearm crutch skins, get ready for lots of compliments! " - Alexandra Herold, Founder & CEO of Patti + Ricky


April Davenport is a super cool boss lady, with the same mission and goal as Patti + Ricky to make the fashion industry more accessible, inclusive, and stylish with her unique forward-thinking company Crutch’n it. Now if you're like us you're thinking that is amazing and you’re probably wondering what is there left to tell about this trailblazing lady and her amazing company Crutch’n It? Well, the answer is so much more! Earlier this month I got the chance to chat with this innovative barrier-breaking lady. Check out the complete interview with April Davenport, Founder of Crutch’n It below. Trust us you won’t be disappointed!

What according to you is your favorite part of being an Adaptive Fashion designer?

“I love being a part of the Adaptive Fashion industry because of the impact it can have on people’s lives. It is fulfilling to help make a difference in people’s lives who just want to fit in.”

Can you please in your own words tell our readers what you think Adaptive Fashion is? “Adaptive Fashion to me is clothing that is designed for everyone. Just like buildings need to be made accessible for everyone, so does clothing. On a deeper level, I see adaptive fashion as a way of including everyone in the design process. If you don’t design for people with disabilities, you are missing out on a big market.”

The designs you create are no doubt amazing, but I and the readers want to know where you gain inspiration to create such great designs?

“When designing Crutch’n It’s products, I look to current trends and styles. I want our products to be trending, and age-appropriate.”

Can you please give our readers a bit more background on Crutch’n It? How did it come to be the forward-thinking company it is today? Also, If you don’t mind can you give us a sneak peek into the brand’s future; What sort of goals and or aspirations do you have for Crutch’n It as a brand moving forward?

“The original idea for Crutch’n It’s products came from my own experience using crutches and canes since I was little. There is no way to temporarily decorate your crutches or canes on the market right now, so I decided I would help fill that gap”. We have a lot of exciting concepts in the works right now. We are going to be launching a youth line very soon, which we can’t wait to share with the world.”

Everyone wants to be “Instagrammable” these days. What steps does Crutch’n It take to ensure that your products stay on-trend and fashionable for years to come?

“To make sure our products are fashionable and on-trend, we do considerable research into the prints and patterns that are currently in style. We also love to talk with our loyal customers about the styles and prints that they hope we offer in the future.”

We all know “ It takes a village” to build something great! Crutch’n It is a great company. How do you think your partnership with Patti and Ricky has influenced your business?

Patti and Ricky is an amazing platform because it brings together so many wonderful brands that all have the same mission: making the fashion industry more inclusive. Grouping brands together like Patti and Ricky does make adaptive fashion accessible and easy to shop for people with disabilities. We love selling alongside so many other brands that are creating innovative products that have the ability to change people’s lives.”

Patti and Ricky love all of the designers we have the pleasure of working with. Keeping that in mind, We are always looking for new and innovative partnerships. If given the chance what would you tell a designer looking to become a part of the Patti and Ricky family about our company?

“I would absolutely refer vendors to Patti and Ricky. The partnership so far has been enjoyable and very seamless. Patti and Ricky are doing great things for the adaptive industry, and for people with disabilities like me.”


We want to hear from you! Tell us in the comment section How you rock your mobility aide and or medical device to showcase your individual style?

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Until next month,


Shannon & the Patti + Ricky Team



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