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Product Description:

This INCREDIBLE FLEXIBLE 1/2 lb. weight is specially made to be used in our weighted vests, weighted pants, and has the ability to be transferred  to any pocket for a soft, flexible proprioceptive input through clothing


Our weights are a composite of very small particles of iron, which are very dense, suspended in a flexible polymer matrix so the result is both dense and flexible. Our weights are completely non-toxic and contains no lead or other harmful materials. 



  • Each weight insert is covered by a protective swim suit fabric shell. The shell protects the soft rubber weights and allows the weights to slide easily into the pockets.
  • Add as many as you need to comfort your child
  • Comfortable,  Flexible, and Soft 
  • No more lumps from metal shot
  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash with gentle soap and lay flat to dry on towel

1/2 Lb. Pocket Weight by Kozie Clothes

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