Product Description:

The Classic Gift Set includes four of the best selling recovery accessories by The Brobe.


Recovery Comfort Pillow: Support for women who’ve undergone a surgery related to breast cancer, lymphedema, or breast reconstruction. These handmade pillows are designed for sore under arm and breast support.


Cooling Wrap: Crystal polymer cooling technology, tiny beads inside the each pocket will absorb water and expand. Scarf becomes ICY COOL for instant relief.


(2) Gel Ice Pack: Brobe offers fits inside the pockets of the Recovery Bra and Mommy Bra to help reduce pain and swelling. Also fits inside the Recovery Comfort Pillow pocket.


Shower Drain Belt by Brobe:  Made to wear in the shower, the Shower Belt is designed to hold up to 4 post-operative fluid drains while in recovery from a major surgery. Can also be worn throughout the day under clothing to support post-operative drains.

Deluxe Recovery Gift Set - 5 Accessories by The Brobe