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Product Description: 

We are all too familiar with the many angles and struggles that come along with inpatient and outpatient treatment for not only rare diseases but countless other routine procedures. Things like this may seem routine for some but for those in and out of the hospital, it’s easy to lose your sense of dignity. This is why we wanted to create a truly accessible crew neck that not only was fashion-forward but also functional for port access and IV treatments. Our accessible crew neck is made of 100% organic jersey cotton and features dual access for ports on the chest and dual access for IV sites on the arms. This crew neck gives you your humanity back that is all too often lost in the sterile walls of a hospital room or doctor's office. The Invisible Zipper mechanism is installed inside the crewneck and does touch the skin.


This product is a black crewneck sweatshirt with the signature "RARE." in a box logo embroidered in white on the left sleeve. Fashion decorative button on both sleeves on fabric lip that covers invisible zippers which are functionally located at the left and right elbows for easy access to veins. Also, two hidden zippers 6-inch openings symmetrical on the left and right sides two inches from the crew new line allowing access to an implanted port. 

Accessible Sweatshirt by RARE.

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