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Product Description:

The "Alex" Adaptive Skirt, meaning, To Defend. Be on the move with this double-layered skirt that has an overskirt made with a horse print fabric that features 3 tucks and a center split that has an underskirt that has a print with children and birds, trimmed with a purple and yellow floral print. That same floral print is used to make the contrasting waistband and hanging ties.

Children’s Size: 14/16, Length 19.5”, Waist size 26.5”-29”


A FREE MATCHING FACE MASK INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE! The face mask will be made with the purple Flower fabric.


Product Features: 

  • One-Of-A-Kind 
  • 100% Cotton
  • The Company, Care, and Size labels are on the inside edges of the skirt at the waistband and are easily cut off for comfort
  • 2 layers of fabric gathered onto a contrasting waistband, edged with a contrasting border and hanging ties
  • 3 Tucks in the split overskirt
  • Overskirt hem clean finished by catching in a tuck
  • Underskirt hem finished by the border and overlocked
  • Side edges and the front edges of the overskirt are finished with a turn and turn hem and edge-stitched.
  • Velcro closure allowing for a slightly smaller or larger waist.
  • Care: Machine Wash and Dry on Delicate
  • Sizing: Children’s Size: 14/16, Length 19.5”, Waist size 26.5”-29”
  • Designed and produced in California

"Alex" Adaptive Skirt by è Ispirante

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