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Product Description:

Stylish boots that fit over your child’s AFO Braces? PATTI + RICKY has you covered with our partnership with Shoes for AFO's by Gracious May! These boots will accommodate hinged AFO’s! These boots feature a rubber outsole for an extra level of durability and traction. The footbed of these shoes is flat and the zipper extends all the way to the sole for easy on and off over the AFO brace! An elastic ankle strap is built into these boots which holds them on snug as your child walks. Made in the USA. Because these shoes are made-to-order, they take about 4-6 weeks to ship to the customer.

Sizing: Within 48 hours of ordering this product a PATTI + RICKY Customer Service Representative will email you to ask your precise measurements in order to get the perfect fit! We guarantee our fit. If foot measures longer than 9", please see "Adaptive Shoes" in women or men's sections.


Guarantee Our Fit: If your Shoes for AFO’s® arrive and do not fit the measurements you provided we will replace them for you within 3 business days at NO COST to you! Email if you have received a pair of shoes that do not fit the measurements you provided us. Once we receive your email we will ask you to re-measure your child’s foot to be sure the initial measurements you provided were correct. If the improper-sizing is our fault, we will issue a replacement pair within 3 business days and cover all return shipping costs.


If the improper sizing is a result of improper measurements, we will still be happy to replace your Shoes for AFO’s®, but we do require that you cover all return shipping costs. We will issue replacements as soon as the initial pair is returned to us :).


All Sales Final: All Shoes for AFO’s® are custom fitted to meet the needs of our customers. All sales are final and no refunds will be given. We do, however, guarantee the fit of your Shoes for AFO’s®  (as outlined above). If your shoes arrive and do not fit the measurements you provided, replacements will be sent free of charge (as outlined above)!

Azalea Pink Moccasin Boots by Shoes for AFO's by Gracious May

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