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Product Description:

  • Underarm Crutch Padded Covers Set is preassembled and packaged into 2 padded Underarm Covers and 2 Padded Hand Grip Covers that fit over standard crutch rubber pads
  • Made from the finest materials that are resistant to body oils and perspiration
  • Fast evaporation "moisture wicking" keeps your skin dry and comfortable
  • Covers have a pocket enabling you to remove Crutcheze padding or add more padding. Additionally, hand grip cover pocket can be used to carry small items, such as money, keys, cellphones, etc.
  • Hand grip covers are reversible for dual wear
  • Underarm padding has a 1 inch rise high-tech contoured design that tapers to 1/4" on both sides of crutch, which provides superior support and extra comfort
  • Hand grip padding has a body-weight sensitive design that starts at ½” and tapers to ¼” to alleviate hand stress and pressure plus provide a secure fit
  • One size fits all standard youth and adult underarm crutches
  • Machine wash, cold water, line dry
  • Made in USA of domestic foam padding and imported stretch fabric
  • No use of any fleece fabric in products
  • Product is latex free
  • Wt: 3.2 oz

Black Padded Covers Set by Crutcheze

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