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Product Description:
Hook and eye fasteners for easy dressing and removal. Soft, stretch fabric with just the right amount of coverage. Our bikini briefs sit low on the waistline (great for pregnant bellies). The perfect everyday undies for those seeking a classic fit.
Slick Chick panties are easy to remove underwear with side fasteners on each side of the waistband so women can quickly change on the go, in a not so discreet area, or simply because it's convenient and makes life just a bit easier. e perfect amount of stretch, so when you move, they move with you. This multi-directional stretch also helps to keep the underwear in place for any intense workouts. The padding on the back of the hook and eye fasteners feel like a second skin, providing all-day comfort. Perfect for those super sweaty workouts, embarrassing sweat crotch, accidental bladder leaks, and the unexpected visit from "Aunt Flo". 
Side fasteners to simplify self-dressing or caregiver dressing assistance
Wicks moisture away so you feel dryer, longer
Anti-microbial technology so you feel fresh and worry-free
Breathable cotton lining that protects you from leaks
No annoying tags rubbing your back

This particular product is non-returnable.

Adaptive Bikini Brief Panty by Slick Chicks

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