Product Description: 

One of the perks of being a dedicated cooling brand is that everything we design, prototype, and test is based on maximizing human performance.  


The cooling technology utilized in our products was selected after exhaustive testing of ice, gel, and phase change cooling packs. Our trials included cooling pearls, beads, and evaporative cooling. One technology proved superior in meeting our demands -- that technology is why our products perform as well as they do.



  • Colder than ice, gel, or phase change
  • Longer lasting than any other technology
  • Lighter in weight than all methods (except evaporative).
  • Articulated construction assures body movement
  • Non-toxic / Food safe
  • Reusable


How to Activate / How to Use

  • Scrunch vigorously in a basin of warm water.
  • Leave CoolPaks to soak and continue absorbing water. 

This activation is done only once!

  • Lay plumped CoolPaks into the freezer until ready to use.
  • Refreeze again and again.

Instructions are included with every order.


How long to Expect Your CoolPaks to Stay Cold

In low-humid environments, you can expect up to four (4) hours of cooling from your cooling vest. Headbands and Gloves will stay cold up to 2 hours.


Humidity compromises any cooling process, and our technology is no exception. High humidity can cut the cooling time by as much as two hours. In these conditions, we recommend ordering a 2nd set of CoolPaks. We keep our pricing lower than any competitor for this very reason. 


How Soon You Will Need to Replace Your CoolPaks

Most cooling technology is considered "resposable". You can use our CoolPaks over and over again, but at some point in time, they will need to be replaced.


People who depend on cooling only during summer months could enjoy as many as four years with their CoolPaks. People in warmer climates may have to replace their CoolPaks sooner. Many people purchase a backup set and rotate their packs; this will, of course, extend the life of their packs. 


Your CoolPaks Will Soften & The Science of Adaptation

As our CoolPaks absorb your body heat, they coolants will soften. They will continue to provide cooling even during this phase change.

Adaptation will fool you into thinking your CoolPaks are done cooling. Adaptation is what happens when you jump into a frigid swimming pool, then feel quite comfortable after 30 minutes. The same thing will happen with your CoolPaks. The way to tell that your cooling experience is completed is to place your hand on the skin beneath the coolants. If your skin is still cool, your Coolpaks are still working.

CoolPacks by Oro Sports



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