Product Description

A maximum performance headband, plus the added benefit of cooling! More effective than evaporative neck and towel brands that provide nothing more than damp skin cooling.


Cooling Accessories can support many individuals with Multiple sclerosis (MS), Heart Disease, Diabetes, COPD, Fibromyalgia, Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and so many more disAbilities and chronic illnesses. 


These slip-proof headbands feature premium performance spandex, a soft absorbent lining, and a concealed pocket where one frozen CoolPak can be inserted. When worn with CoolPak, the cooling is positioned at the base of your head, cooling the blood en route to your brain, where overheating occurs!


The Science: Cooling the neck has been shown to help improve performance, reduce sweating, and enhance the feeling of comfort (1,2). Even this small area of the body will yield some surprising benefits from cooling.


Surface cooling depends primarily on how much surface area you can cover, where more is better. However, there are a few small areas on the body which provide unique responses to cooling. The back of your neck is one of those areas. The palms of your hands is another. *Read more about palm cooling in our "CoolCuff" section.



1. Yang Zhang et al. Cooling on Soccer Performance. Monten. J. Sports Sci. Med. 3 (2014) 1: 17–22


2. Tyler, C. J., and C. Sunderland. Neck Cooling and Running Performance in the Heat Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 43, No. 12, pp. 00–00, 2011


3. Ruddock, A. et al (2014). Effect of hand cooling on body temperature, cardiovascular and perceptual responses during recumbent cycling in a hot environment. Journal of Science and Cycling, 3 (2).

Coolture Branded Cooling Headband by Oro Sports

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