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Product Description:

This adorable and really “kool” neck wrap (bib) is one way to help decrease the effects of excessive drooling. Kids or care takers can easily wipe the child’s mouth without having to carry around a wipe.


The Kozie Kool Drool Bib Wrap provides you with the Highest Performance material and quality. Top of the Line Fabric making the best soft, sturdy, protective, absorbent Non-Stigmatizing Drool Bib Wrap.  This Drool Bib Wrap Stands up to repeated wash and use and absorbs, wicks away moisture, and repels fluid.  So many designs to choose from!  Two layers thick, soft, and sturdy. The top layer is a soft fun flannel and our protective layer is more substantial to create a excellent barrier for repelling heavy moisture. 

Dog Print Neck Bandanna by Kozie Clothes

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