Product Description: 

Express your Personality!! Personalize your wheels! Ever feel like your wheelchair doesn’t have as much personality as you do? Display your unique style with a crocheted wheelchair wheel cover. Each set is crocheted by hand. Chose the color that most expresses your personality! Add pins or flowers to personalize your wheels even more! 



  • Crocheted covers are reinforced with metal hoops to maintain the structure and stitch definition. They measure 19 1/4 inches (49 cm) across 
  • Compatible with most standard size (19.5 inches and greater), adult, self-propelled wheelchair wheels
  • Most secure attachment points are where the grab bar attaches to the wheel. Alternate attachment points on the spokes of the wheel.
  • Each order includes 2 crocheted wheel covers in the same color and 20 matching attachment ties


Will these covers fit my wheelchair wheels? To determine if the covers will fit your wheels, you will need to make sure the metal ring will fit the diameter of your wheel. Measure