Product Description:

Flattering and feminine. A gentle flowing neckline adds softness while the floral print gives it undeniable panache. This is a top that makes a statement on its own or when jazzed up with accessories.


Top your MonarchUNDER with this color-coordinated and beautiful MonarchOVER. The revolutionary design of the MonarchOVER includes an open back, reducing the fabric bunching along your back when sitting or lying for extended periods of time.  So easy to get dressed! Just glide the MonarchOVER over your arms from the front and it snaps with a single snap behind the neck.  The open back reveals your color coordinated MonarchUNDER.  Watch the video to see how easy this assisted dressing solution is!


Monarch's mission was to make the MonarchOVER feel good and look good. In trials, the fabric that best met their standards contained Spandex because it offers that stretch factor for maximum comfort. With the feel-good part looked after, Monarch chose colors and designs to bring out the best of you, whether you’re relaxing for the day or getting dressed up for a special occasion. Mission accomplished.


They did their homework. Before Monarch put the MonarchOVERs on the market, they put them through rigorous testing, including heavy-duty laundry cycles. They held up nicely; the colors stayed vibrant and they kept their shape. You’ll find your MonarchOVERs are worry-free. Just wash, wear and wait for the compliments!


Team Monarch is as committed to the environment as they are devoted to those that wear their clothes. They want to ensure that everything they do, from our fabric selection through to the manufacturing process is as eco-friendly as it can be. Any buttons on the MonarchOVERs are natural, not plastic. They are made from seeds that fall from tropical palm trees in the Amazon forest. In choosing these, Monarch helps protect the planet and also supports local community job creation in South America. 95% Polyester/5% Spandex.

Denim Flower Print MonarchOVER Shirt by Monarch



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