Product Description:

Organize all your diabetes supplies in style with the Universal Deluxe Diabetes Supply Clutch. Secure glucose meter into the clutch with our strong Velcro hook and loop. Stick the Velcro patch to the back of glucose meter and press to secure into the clutch. Includes 2 Velcro patches. Our Deluxe clutch includes additional features like our exclusive Test Strip Trash Can, wrist strap, and a front pocket for your phone. Our exclusive Test Strip Trash Can is a game changer! Works like a mail slot. Push your used strip through the metal slot into the trash pocket on the exterior of the bag. Trash pocket can fit up to 400+ used test strips! Made with durable nylon that can be easily wiped clean with a wet cloth.



  • Glucose meter secures with Velcro into case
  • Includes our exclusive Test Strip Trash Can
  • Pocket for 2 insulin pens or glucose tabs
  • Mesh pocket for syringes, alcohol swabs, medications, and more
  • Elastic loops for test strips, insulin vial, and finger lancing device
  • Fits Omnipod® PDM and extra Omnipod® pod
  • Front pocket for cell phone
  • Includes detachable wrist strap
  • Padded nylon, spot clean
  • 7.5” W x 4.5"" H x 2” D

Diabetes Supply Clutch by Sugar Medical