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Product Description:

Patented Topricin Fibro Cream is the most comprehensive natural OTC Fibromyalgia relief formula without a prescription. With 11 natural bio-medicines including Arnica and Echinacea, our value-sized 6 oz Topricin Fibro Cream rapidly and effectively treats the nerve pain of Fibromyalgia. Best of all, unlike prescription meds which are full of harmful side effects, our 6 oz Topricin Fibro Cream is safe, hypoallergenic, free from irritants or chemicals and is  side-effect free! Just ask the many Topricin Fibro Cream consumers, who’ve found real, sustained relief with Topricin Fibro Cream and you’ll understand how important this natural medicine product is.



  • Patented formula works naturally to help reduce symptoms
  • Manages nerve, neck, chest, back, and knee pain
  • No harmful side effects
  • Safe, odorless, moisturizing
  • 6 oz size offers more healing in a value-sized package


Topricin Fibro Cream Ingredients:

Active Ingredients: Aesculus hippocastanum 6X, Arnica montana 6X, Belladonna 6X, Crotalus horridus 8X, Echinacea 6X, Graphites 6X, Heloderma 8X, Lachesis mutus 8X, Naja tripudians 8X, Rhus toxicodendron 6X, Ruta graveolens 6X


Inactive Ingredients: Captex 300 (from coconut fatty acids), Carbopol® Ultrez 10 (from sucrose), Cetyl Alcohol (from coconut oil), Glycerine (vegetable-based), Hydrokote (palm kernel oil with lecithin), Isopropyl Myristate emollient (from palm seeds), Lipomulse (from coconut fatty acids), Purified Water, Sodium hydroxide, Spectrastat G 2 (derived from coconut), Steareth-21 (from stearic acid cocoa butter)


Topricin Fibro Cream Application and Uses: 

Application: Generously apply 3-4 times daily or more often if needed, 3 inches on and around affected area. Massage in until absorbed, re-apply before bedtime and in the morning.


Uses: Rapid, soothing relief of muscle pain at tender points, nerve pain associated with Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy.

Fibro Cream - 6 oz. by Topricin

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