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Product Description: 

No one should ever have to make a choice between fashion and function!


Named after designer's grandfather, the JT Necktie is a modern, knitted necktie with a faux knot and elastic neck. That’s right! Just pull the tie on over your head. Never tie a necktie again! Slip it on and get ready to turn heads!


Each tie is knit by hand by a real human. It is designed with a squared-off bottom and eye-catching herringbone stitch to give any outfit a modern and lux appearance!


The JT Necktie can be adjusted to suit your height and fashion preferences. The design provides length adjustment from 15 to 24 inches (as measured from the top of the knot to the bottom of the tie).

Note: Individuals with limited dexterity may require assistance for length adjustment. Alternatively, request a specific length before ordering and your piece arrives with a perfect fit!


Enter your desired neck size and length to receive your tie ready to wear wit