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Product Description:

*More styles coming soon! This Adaptive Skirt for Adults features a flat Skirt Back that is shaped to a seated figure, making it ideal for Adults in wheelchairs. The back is smooth, eliminating discomfort and sore spots from sitting on excess fabric. The back is cut higher, bringing it to the natural waistline when seated, and finished with an elasticized casing for comfort. The front is shaped low, to eliminate the extra fabric that occurs when seated. The front features a downward point that forms a flap on both sides above the lower portion of the skirt. The flap on both sides of the upper front piece conceals a deep zipper pocket that is caught into the side seam to keep it from moving around.  On the left side is a 10” Nylon zipper making it easier to put on. A small extension at the waistline above the zipper has a magnetic snap, allowing the skirt to close easily. The back hem is cut deeper so that when seated the hem is even. A double row of stitching finishes the hem and the edges of the flap that conceals the pockets on the denim skirt. The wool skirt has a smooth finish without the double stitching and has an invisible hemstitching on the outer skirt and an edge-stitched hem for the lining.



  • Denim Skirt - 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Herringbone Skirt - 80% Wool - 10% Polyester Lining - 100% Polyester
  • Company and Size Labels are at the inside center back of the skirt and are easily cut off for comfort
  • The Care Label is below the zipper on the seam allowance
  • Upper and lower pieces for the skirt front
  • The upper front piece forms a flap, concealing a zipper pocket
  • Flat, smooth skirt back, shaped to a seated figure
  • Clean-finished front waistline
  • Elasticized back waistline
  • 10" Nylon Zipper
  • Magnetic snap closure at the waistband above the zipper
  • Two deep side pockets are stitched into the side seam avoid moving around
  • Pockets are made with different contrasting floral fabrics
  • An overlock clean finishes inner seams
  • Back hem finished with a double edge-stitched hem for the Denim Skirt. There is an invisible hem on the Herringbone, wool skirt, with an edge-stitched hem for the lining
  • Washing Instructions:
    • For the Denim Skirt - Machine Wash and Dry on Delicate 
    • For the Herringbone, wool skirt - Dry Clean Only
  • Designed and produced in California


Design Variations:

  1. Combination 1 = Denim Skirt - 97% Cotton/3% Spandex - with contrast stitching
  2. Combination 2 = Wool/Poly Blend - 90% Wool/10% Polyester with a 100% Polyester lining


Sizing Chart: Comes in 3 Sizes. Note: Back length is longer than the Front Length because that Measurement is taken from the back waist of a seated figure to the hem. When seated the skirt hem is even all around.


SIZE  - Waist - Front Length - Back Length

6/8 - 30" - 32" - 18.25" - 26"

10/12 - 33"-35" - 20.5" - 28"

14/16 - 36"-38" - 22.5- 30"

Julienne Skirt by è Ispirante

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