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Product Description:

*More styles coming soon!This “Karen” Skirt features a gathered skirt with contrasting waistband, border, and elasticized ruffled patch pockets.  


This Adaptive Skirt for Children is very easy to take on and off, making it ideal for Children in wheelchairs. Dress your child in any outerwear shorts or pants and easily put them into the wheelchair. Once seated, put the waistband around the child's waist and fasten. The skirt is on a waistband that goes around the body and fastens with a 2.5" piece of Velcro, allowing for variable waist sizes within any given size. The skirt itself is a 3/4 skirt that goes around from side to side and leaves the back open for seated comfort. From the front, the skirt looks like a complete skirt, but without the discomfort of sitting on fabric or having to smooth the back fabric while sitting the child into the wheelchair at the same time. When it is time to take the child out of the wheelchair, simply remove the skirt and easily take the child out of the wheelchair.



  • 100% Cotton

  • The Company, Care, and Size Labels are on inside edges of the skirt at the Waistband so they are easily cut off for comfort

  • 2 Elasticized ruffled patch pockets

  • Flat edge stitched finish on hem and sides

  • Inner seams finished with a clean overlock

  • 2.5" Velcro closure allowing for a slightly smaller or larger waist

  • Machine Wash and Dry on Delicate

  • Designed and Produced in California


Design Variations: 

  • Combination 1 = Has a bright Floral pattern on a blue background for the main skirt with contrasting Poppies on a blue background for the waistband, pockets, and border
  • Combination 2 = Sage green and white striped Seersucker with contrasting Cherry print on a white background for the waistband, pockets, and border.


Sizing Chart:

















Karen Skirt by è Ispirante

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