Product Description:

The Comfort Cocoon comes in 3 sizes - adult/teen, kid cocoon, and a small baby cocoon for up to 2 years old.  All of the luxury Cocoons give comfort to many children and adults need by surrounding them in soothing, soft security, reducing anxiety. The Albrea Cocoons have also been reported to help many children with autism.

With the patent-pending puckering stretchable fabric, you can still enjoy the "hugging" that the cocoon gives you, yet also the freedom of stretching freely. Cocoons are also used as sleeping bag inserts for extra cold nights when camping, but are commonly are used alone without the sleeping bag, making them the perfect overnight bag or sleep sack. 


The designers start with 21 square yards of extremely soft, slightly thinner minky type fabric, then sews it using elastic thread into a puckering stretchable fabric. That fabric is then fashioned into a cocoon, similar to a sleep sack or sleeping bag insert, except that the user can stretch out their arms and legs in every direction while inside the cocoon, without restriction. The cocoons can help children with anxiety and autism to feel secure, because the special elastic stitching pulls in gently after getting inside, giving feelings of security, calming and comforting, yet without that claustrophobic feeling.  


Customer Testimony:  “….I bought a cocoon for a friend's son who is autistic - nonverbal - with the hope that he would find solitude.  This is the text I got from my friend...."He had his eyes on this the moment I opened it.  He grabbed it and took off when I wasn't looking. The next thing I know he is in a chair with the cocoon over the top half of his body, laying calmly and content."   


The Comfort Cocoon is loved by every child that uses it. They use them while on the computer, reading, watching TV, playing games, studying and are perfect for sleepovers or inside a sleeping bag for an extra warm night's sleep when camping. Many children use them right on top of their beds every night, and the cocoon still looks great after many washes.



  • Climb into pure luxury with our Albrea Kid Cocoon
  • There is no better gift - Birthday, Christmas or any time
  • Shown to help with Anxiety 
  • Perfect for sleepovers or sleeping around the house
  • Put inside a sleeping bag for extra comfort and warmth
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Patent Pending
  • 22" x 50" Laying Flat, 45" x 88" Stretched
  • 21 square yards of ultra-soft fabric in every regular throw
  • Made in USA
  • Must machine wash on cold, and lay out to dry, air only 

Kids Comfort Cocoon by Albrea



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