Product Description:

The Love Crystal Mist is designed to vibrate on an energetic level of pure love. With a rich scent of rose, citrus, and vanilla, this blend will deeply nurture the heart with unconditional love. Spray generously on and around your body to create sacred space, nourish the emotions, and heal the heart.



Each ingredient is chosen purposely to help magnify the intention of Love:

  • Rose Quartz is the stone of friendship, romance, and self-love. Our crystals are energetically cleansed with salt water and then infused with moonlight, sound, and Reiki blessings.
  • Rose Otto is the most precious type of rose, harvested in the pre-dawn hours. The tender love and care devoted to cultivating this majestic oil reflect the energy the aroma inspires: Emotional balance and a tranquil heart.
  • Vanilla acts as an anchor, providing sweetness and sensuality. Its natural qualities reduce stress and anxiety and calm the nerves.
  • Blood Orange offers brightness and a positive attitude.

  • Rose Geranium adds the perfect floral note to uplift this blend.