Product Description:

The Manhatten Fidget Necklace is a 3/8” wide open circle with approx. 1.25” diameter is the backdrop for a stunning piece of “Flash” Labradorite that spins around in the center. This beauty sits on a stainless steel chain. Labradorite is a protective and transformative stone that shields you from negative auras and stimulates synchronicity.


Fidgeting can be helpful for some individuals to concentrate and relieve stress and anxiety. Fidget jewelry is a beautiful way to discreetly fidget. 


Sizing: Please consult the necklace length chart which is the last photo in the Product Photos to make sure you are choosing the right length. Please note this chart is just a guide because everyone’s shoulders and necks are different and can affect the way the chain sits.

Manhatten Fidget Necklace by Lux + Luca Jewelry Co