Product Description

Our high-impact cooling vest.  Maximum cooling for maximum performance.  


Cooling Clothing can support many individuals with Multiple sclerosis (MS), Heart Disease, Diabetes, COPD, Fibromyalgia, Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and so many more disAbilities and chronic illnesses. 



  • High tech performance textiles hold their shape, manage moisture, keep out the heat, insulate our Cooling Packs and look super cool in the process -- a lot to ask of these engineered fabrics, yet they deliver on all counts.
  • This interior lining assures the coolest, most comfortable cooling experience possible. It also eliminates the "freezer burn" associated with many cooling products. 
  • Four interior pockets contain our signature FDA-Approved, food-safe CoolPaks, providing a second-to-none cooling experience. 
  • Soft stretch panels at each side of the Maximo means a snug, flexible fit.
  • Our "comfort belt" construction assures that your vest will move with you, and not around you. We guarantee you will find no better cooling experience. 


Sizing: Please use the Sizing Chart, it is the last image in the Product Photos. Your size is determined by your weight, however, in certain cases, people's height will affect their size. The Size Chart is based on average heights. For example, a person 5'10" tall who weighs 150lbs would go down to a Size 0.

Maximo Cool Vest by Oro Sports