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Product Description:

Everyone has been asking for this and we delivered! This amazing one piece rash guard suit is just what you need. Featuring our fish print in awesome colors and longer sleeves.

Besides helping kids when it comes to potty training/bathroom breaks, we have prided ourselves in supporting kids with disabilities. Kozie's SnapMe helps children and the care takers of children with motor, neurological, social, and emotional challenges which make dressing, toileting, and changing difficult.



  • No more messy diaper changes or struggling with wet suits, just unsnap and change, even while standing
  • Suits are full lined
  • UV protective fabric for extra sun protection
  • Two rows of snaps for an adjustable fit
  • Adorable styling


Return Policy: This particular item is non-returnable.

Maximus Snap Bathing Suit by Kozie Clothes

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