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Product Description:

Gorgeous metal African Heishi style beads sit like a bunch of sequences lined up together to make for a festive and interactive style bracelet. The heishi beads are meant to be played with and have a super fun texture to ease anxiety or for those who like to fidget. This chain is stainless steel which means it won't tarnish. Please try and keep this bracelet dry and away from lotions and aerosols as it can begin to rust in between the chain links. Chain clasps on the under and can adjust slightly using the larger links.


Fidgeting can be helpful for some individuals to concentrate and relieve stress and anxiety. Fidget jewelry is a beautiful way to discreetly fidget. 


Sizing: Several lengths are available. When in doubt of the size you should choose a slightly larger size.

Metal Heishi and Stainless Steel Chain Fidget Bracelet by Lux + Luca Jewelry Co

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