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You’re looking to the experts, so here we are. Made from the same battle-tested antimicrobial fabric technology that patients and caregivers love, the Mighty Well Mask is a reusable, everyday face mask made for the smallest errand to the biggest adventure.


For every five-pack of Mighty Well Masks sold, Mighty Well commits to donating one Mighty Mask to organizations supporting front-line workers and patients.



  • The Mighty Well Mask is non-medical grade
  • Antimicrobial silver-ion technology for life
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Moisture-wicking and anti-odor fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-soft ear-loops for all-day comfort
  • Water-repellent up to 20 washes
  • Fabric:
    • 8% bamboo carbon

    • 16% silver ion

    • 68% polyester

    • 8% spandex

    • Our Mighty Well Mask features our signature antimicrobial silver-ion technology, eco-friendly materials with moisture-wicking, and anti-odor properties.

  • Care: Hand wash with cold water. Air dry.
  • Each Mighty Well Mask is packaged in a reusable, biodegradable bag to keep you and your mask fun


Sizing: Please make sure to use the Sizing Chart in the Product Photos. Fitting a face mask properly is key to ensuring it’s effective -- the idea is for all air going in and out to be filtered by the fabric. When the mask fits properly, it protects you from germs in the environment, but also prevents any germs you may have from contaminating the people around you. It is crucial that your mask fits comfortably so you’re not tempted to adjust it and, therefore, touch your face. So, let’s make sure your mask fits. See the section below for helpful sizing tips.


When putting on your mask, you want to check for a few things:

  • The edges of the fabric should be in contact with your skin all the way around, including under your chin. No gaps, no wrinkles, no too-tight spots that threaten to slip. Thanks to the 3D molded design and moisture-wicking fabric, this should be no sweat!
  • The ultra-soft ear loops should be snug enough that the mask will not droop down or slide down your nose.
  • Tighten the adjustable nose clip each time you put it on to close any germ-escaping gaps and keep your glasses free from fog.


Go ahead and face the world! With their signature fabric’s antimicrobial silver-ion technology, we’ve got you covered.


All Face Masks are non-returnable and non-refundable. 

Mighty Well Mask by Mighty Well

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