Product Description:

The MonarchUNDER is revolutionary!  Its unique side snaps allow for the easiest caregiver-assisted dressing. Watch the video to see how easy it is to get dressed in this patent-pending design.


The MonarchUNDER is comfort. It wraps the body in soft, natural fabric. Skin stays covered and there are no scratchy fasteners or labels. It’s designed to go on easily too, with minimal effort for the wearer and maximum convenience for the dresser.


The team at Monarch took their time finding just the right fabric. When you get your hands on a MonarchUNDER, we’re sure you’ll agree. It’s made of TENCEL™ Modal fibers, which are all about natural comfort and softness, even after repeated washing. Because of these fibers, the MonarchUNDER breathes and helps to regulate body temperature.


Before they put the MonarchUNDER on the market, they put it through rigorous testing and that included heavy-duty laundry cycles. It held up! Both the shape and the color were retained. You’ll find your MonarchUNDER easy to care for. It’s built to stand up to industrial-strength washers and dryers. 94% Modal/6% Spandex.


While the MonarchUNDER can be worn on its own, why not layer the MonarchUNDER with a color-coordinated MonarchOVER to add fashion and flare to your outfit.  This 2-piece dressing offers the easiest dressing solution on the market, and its style allows you to express your inner fashionista!


Team Monarch is as committed to the environment as they are devoted to those that wear their clothes. They want to ensure that everything they do, from their fabric selection through to their manufacturing process is as environmentally responsible as it can be. Many fabrics that are biodegradable and compostable, and buttons are all natural.

Black MonarchUNDER Shirt by Monarch



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