Product Description:

This classy fidget style bracelet contains x1 14kfill and x2 5mm Sterling beads that slide effortlessly around the entire bangle. Soothe your anxiety with this interactive and stylish piece. These metals require polishing to remove tarnish that will eventually appear over time. This is a natural process and can easily be wiped away using the polish pad included in your package. Please keep base metals away from water, perfume, aerosols, and lotion. Base metals also have the potential to turn somebody chemistries green. If you are sensitive to these metals or are otherwise unsure, please choose Sterling Silver for your material. This bracelet is water safe and sweatproof and can be worn 24/7.


Fidgeting can be helpful for some individuals to concentrate and relieve stress and anxiety. Fidget jewelry is a beautiful way to discreetly fidget. 

Orbitz Sterling Silver Fidget Bangle by Lux + Luca Jewelry Co