Product Description:

Designed with inclusion in mind, these small "Thank You" Braille cards are perfect for showing appreciation to people around you every day!  SMALL enough to FIT INSIDE your wallet or purse, we suggest giving these cards to anyone you want to give an extra thanks to. 



• All cards are meticulously hand-Brailled making each card distinctively unique

• Unique foldable pen included

• Includes a Braille translator so sighted individuals can also enjoy the experience of learning Braille. A fun experience for friends who enjoy puzzles as they can translate the Braille on their own, just like in puzzle rooms!

• Images are printed from an original watercolor painting, designed and created by designer and artist Karen Kittisarapong
• Cards are standard business card size (3.5 x 2 inches)
• Painting printed on heavyweight paper
• Braille is English grade one letter-by-letter transcription
• Back of cards will have shop’s branding
• Professionally and carefully packaged in bubble mailer with extra backing

Pack of 5 "Thank You" Braille Small Cards by Inclusive Greetings



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