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Product Description:

Personalized Brass Cuffs reveal really beautiful pressed braille. This is the perfect gauge that brings out the prettiest Braille. These cuffs are 16 gauge Raw Brass. Because they are raw brass, they will oxidize and darken. Keep these beauties shiny and gold by using a Brass polish

such as Brasso or even an easier route - soak it in ketchup!!


Send a special message to someone using these Braille Cuffs. They make the most unique and cool presents. Each cuff is individually pressed and no two are exactly alike. FEEL THE LOVE with personalizes Braille cuffs.

  • Family pieces (Last name and family members names)
  • Graduation presents - Graduation date and short quote or grads name
  • Wedding Gifts - Couples name and wedding date
  • Zip Code Bracelets- Did you grow up with a special group of friends?? Great gift idea is their name with the zip code you have in common


This Easy-On/Easy-Off bracelet is great for people with limited dexterity, the design allows for many individuals to independently put on or remove their jewelry on their own without having to deal with hard-to-use closures.


*Return Policy: All personalized items are non-returnable.

* For Ages 6 Years Old and Up


Due to the current high volume of  BrailleJewelry orders, we are experiencing brief delays with shipments. Please except 2-4 weeks for delivery of your Braille Jewelry order.

Personalized Braille Printed Brass Cuff Bracelets by 'Braille'iant

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