Product Description: 

The MedPlanner Pouches™ are designed to fit the Mighty MedPlanner™. The reusable, environmentally friendly Pouches can be kept safe and secure on the Mighty MedPlanner™ or taken on-the-go, as you need.


There are two styles available. Our one (1) pocket pouches, used to store bigger items, and our two (2) pocket pouches, used to store smaller items, such as pills. 


Write on and wipe off your MedPlanner Pouches™ using a dry-erase or wet-erase marker for easy and flexible labeling. 



  • 2 MedPlanner Pouches™ included in 1 Refill Pack 
  • Ultra-sleek clear food-grade TPU sleeves 
  • Zip-lock slider secures its contents at all times 
  • Removable and portable
  • You can fit up to 8-10 MedPlanner Pouches™ inside the Mighty MedPlanner™, depending on what you are storing in them
  • The Mighty MedPlanner™ is sold separately 
  • 6.45 x 4 inches

Pouches Refill Pack for The Mighty MedPlanner by Mighty Well