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PunkinFutz award-winning play set is also super-cool therapeutic sensory gear! The PunkinPak includes 1 PunkinHug Compression Vest (Blue Trim, Green Trim, or Pink Trim) + 1 MonktoCape (Green Cape or Pink Cape) + 1 Monktopus Pouch! 



PunkinHug Compression Vest: Meet our revolutionary compression vest! The only fully breathable vest, which provides deep compression while also delivering endless creative play options. Never hot, it can be worn all day, at school and at home. The outside is super soft loop, which allows all things Velcro® to “stick” to it. Start with our Velcoins® to attach whatever you want to keep close, whether a favorite toy or meaningful medal. Explore the many DIY and accessories options for creating a one-of-a-kind, ever-changing therapeutic play vest your punkin will actually want to wear! Choose between blue trim, green trim, or pink trim. Choose size (small, medium, and large) use the Compression Chart Sizing Chart which is the last picture of the product photos. 


MonktoCape: Pick your super power today then change it up tomorrow! Our MonktoCape encourages each child to choose their own super hero identity! Great for pretend play, which promotes problem solving, choice-making, and self-regulation. Only works with our PunkinHug, as it affixes to the vest with Velcro.® Choose either green or pink super hero cape. 


Monktopus Pouch: A wearable bag. Lined with EU-approved antimicrobial PUL (in a super secret color!) to discourage bacteria growth. D-Ring attachment option for attaching precious cargo and left/right zipper provide flexible usability options.

PunkinPak by PunkinFutz

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