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These pretty Spring Flowers Hearing Aid Charms come in lavender, pale pink, and sea green flowers with glass and Czech glass accent beads are only available on! Jeweled Butterfly Hearing Aid Charms are perfectly paired with Crystal Butterfly Tube Trinkets! Don't miss out on this Spring PATTI + RICKY EXCLUSIVE with Purple Cat Hearing Aid Charms!!


All Purple Cat Hearing Aid Charms fit all types of hearing aids, hang safely from cochlear implant cords, and are lightweight! To wear Tube Trinkets simply detach the tube from the hearing aid (like you would do to apply charms), slide on the Tube Trinket, and reattach the hearing aid! They fit comfortably above the ear or down by the ear molds.


Available as:

  • Pair of Hearing Aid Charms + Pair of Tube Trinkets 
  • 1 Hearing Aid Charm + 1 Tube Trinket + 1 Pierced Earring charm for other ear
  • 1 Hearing Aid Charm + 1 Tube Trinket + 1 Clip On Earring charm for other ear


* For Ages 6 Years Old and Up

Flowers Hearing Aid Charms + Tube Trinkets by Purple Cat Aid Charms

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